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  • ACB
  • VCB
  • Relay(Electromechanical, numerical, Aux, master, O/C, E/F, U/V, O/V, Reverse power, REF, differential, thermal)
  • Panel
  • Cable
  • CT
  • PT
  • LBS
  • Transformer
  • RMU
  • Earthing
  • Energy meter

Type of test

  • Contact resistance measurement, close trip time, IRV test, Release testing
  • Contact resistance measurement, close trip time, IRV test
  • Relay testing
  • Insulation Resistance Value(IRV), Contact Resistance Measurement(CRM), Thermography, Phase sequence validation, Harmonic measurement
  • Cable fault, mA drop
  • Ratio test, polarity test, resistance test, knee point test
  • Ratio test, polarity test, IRV
  • CRM, IRV
  • Ratio test, vector group, magnetic balance, winding resistance, WTI, OTI
  • CRM, IRV, Timing, mA drop
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Voltage, Ampere test, Meter auditing


  • CRM kit, timing kit, megger, SR15G, SR15G, SR21G, SR71, U-Power Omega Kit
  • CRM kit, timing kit, megger
  • Omicron testing kit, Secondary injection kit
  • Megger, CRM kit, Thermography kit, Phase sequence meter, Power Analyzer
  • Hi-Pot, megger, cable fault finding kit
  • Polarity, primary injection kit, secondary injection kit, knee point test kit
  • Voltage variac, Polarity, megger
  • CRM kit, megger
  • Trafo kit, Winding resistance kit, Oil test kit and temperature meter
  • CRM kit, megger, Hi-Pot
  • Earth resistance measurement kit
  • Energy meter kit, Secondary injection kit, Meter Audit meter

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After Maintenance

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